vital chilling tunes

The German producer de Antiquis Et Novis has created a great chillout album, which has been published just in time for the summer holidays. Any of the songs on this album may easily become someone’s vital chilling tune, but the entire album is great.

get you moving to the beat

Sure to get you moving to the beat, this single draws on the influence of summer dance tracks while adding a little something that is unique to this musical project. The first in a number of dance tracks that Matthias Schorer, the man behind the music, is going to release over the next few months. While different to the last track that had us riding some ambient vibes, this track highlights a new side to his music while adding a little variety to life.


spirited synth stabs

Driven by a punching beat and lifted by an arrangement of spirited synth stabs, on alchemy, De Antiquis Et Novis drops a rhythmic electronic dance cut that showcases the versatility of the artist’s composition talents and breadth of their creativity.

Plastic Mag

positive vibes

The positive vibes that the song Falling Stars gives off are absolutely much needed, especially in these times we’re living in…then the vocals jump in, hypnotic, and catch you in their grasp. The song really is something to play and forget yourself to…you move with the beat and you let yourself go with it…

Hamza Sharkas

amazed by his artistic ability

I have been a fervent supporter of De Antiquis Et Novis’ collection of work and have consistently been amazed by his artistic ability. This new single has only helped to heighten my sense of awe. De Antiquis Et Novis has made a successful comeback and graced us with his most recent musical masterpiece, Falling Stars.

Music Arena Gh

another gem that will make your heart sing

The gifted German artist De Antiquis et Novis is back with another gem that will make your heart sing. The title of his most recent song, Falling Stars, which was published on May 5, 2023, wonderfully captures the vibe, as you can easily picture oneself moving on a dance floor beneath a starry night sky. The music soars with a gorgeous infusion of funky sounds and alluring keyboards, captivating the listener right away. The song steadily builds to a booming crescendo of melodic brilliance while sprinkling subtle traces of feminine vocals here and there for added intrigue.

enchanting vocals

There’s a touch of the old school about Falling Stars, opening with urgent keys, groovy percussion and twinkling highlights. Snatches of enchanting vocals come in, painting a dreamy and imaginative picture. If you’re looking for some music to lift your mood today, look no further than Falling Stars.

godfather of deep house

The second you spin Falling Stars, De Antiquis Et Novis latest track, you instantaneously start dancing in your chair on the vibe, reminding you of the godfathers of deep house. The unique music style used takes many twists and turns ultimately leaving its mark and showcasing a true talent that gets your immediate attention, paying a lot of respect behind the music made.

ultimate dance–pop hit

The ultimate dance–pop hit, there is a careful craft of beats and pop synth that produces the most colourful textures. I can see this being played in any party environment, as it has a free and danceable rhythm that can be loved by everyone. A fun blend of pop and electronic music– there is so much to love in ‘Falling Stars’.

Aimee Stokes

well-produced, dynamic electronic dance composition

In the De Antiquis Et Novis track, Time is Running Out, you can feel the anxious atmosphere of this well-produced, dynamic electronic dance composition. The upfront keyboard riff is big and insistent as if repeatedly tapping you on the shoulder, to remind you that time is indeed running out. I don’t know if it’s a nod to the Climate change issue; but it wouldn’t surprise me, as this music has the feel of the here and now, with a message pushing to be heard. It comes through in the heartbeat percussion and gradual increase to more dramatic vibes, from the machine gun desperate riff which sees the track to its conclusion.

Mark Badinson

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